Coffins and Caskets

With tradition in mind we offer in our brochure a selection of coffins and caskets to suit all requests. The design can vary from the very simple to elaborate. The choice of a coffin or casket is a personal one and sometimes is determined by religious or local customs or personal taste. We will always be able to assist you in the selection and advise which is most suitable for burial or cremation.

The coffin and casket range includes veneered, solid woods and a selection made from wicker, sea grass and wool. Also available are painted finishes and personal designs to any specification.

It is normal for an engraved name plate to be placed on the lid of the coffin for burial. Local crematorium rules ask that the plate be placed on the foot of the coffin. Religious symbols such as a cross or crucifix may be placed on the coffin. Alternatives are available for non Christian faiths.

All of our coffins and caskets are of the highest quality and are produced by JC Atkinson, the UK’s leading coffin manufacturer. Sadly, funeral directors no longer make their own.

Why JC Atkinson?

JC Atkinson is the UK's leading coffin manufacturer, voted the best green company by the Sunday Times 2008 and won the British Chambers of Commerce Green Award in 2009 for environmental best practice.



You will notice the FSC logo, which represents The Forest Stewards Council. This certification guarantees that the wood we use comes from trees grown in responsibly managed forests.

The coffin and casket range

We display a small selection of our coffin brochure. However, if you wish to view our full range, please do not hesitate to contact the office.


Traditional veneer coffins suitable for burial or cremation

The Blenheim

A traditional oak veneer style coffin with solid oak moulds to base and lid.

The Buckingham

A traditional mahogany veneer style coffin with solid oak moulds to base and lid.

The Holyrood

An oak veneer style coffin with additional raised panel moulds to sides with wreath moulds to the lid.

The Hamble

An oak veneer style coffin with raised panel moulds to sides with wreath moulds to the lid, fitted with wooden furniture. This coffin is suitable for cremation only.

The Kensington

A mahogany veneered coffin with embossed Jacobean shaped panel sides and ends with a raised lid. Polished Gold Mahogany.

The Sandringham

An oak veneer style coffin with shaped panel sides and ends fitted with a raised lid.

The Westminster

A veneered golden teak coffin with panelled sides and a raised lid.

The Winchester

A Last supper feature coffin with panelled sides and a raised lid. Polished in teak.

Oxford blue

An engraved coffin with contrasting fine panel details. Any customized colour can be achieved.

Bespoke Picture coffin

A wide range of picture coffins are available and can be viewed at We are able to create any design including most football club logos.

Coffins more suitable for burial

The Osborne

A traditional solid oak coffin with double moulding to base and lid with butt jointed ends.

The Balmoral

A solid mahogany coffin crafted with butt joints, panelled sides and end with a raised lid.

The Barnard

A Solid oak traditional coffin with butt ends panelled sides and ends with a raised lid.


The Windsor

A mahogany style veneer casket with fluted decorative corner pillars and statesmen raised swing lid. Polished in medium mahogany, to a high gloss finish.

The Paisley

An oak veneer style casket with the last supper feature panel, corner pillars and raised lid polished in golden teak.

The Ripon

Solid oak style casket with decorative panels to side, feature corner pillars and swing raised lid.

The Country Range

The country range of coffins have been made as an alternative to our traditional coffin and casket selection.

The Swaledale

The coffin is made in Yorkshire using pure new wool, supported on a strong recycled cardboard frame. Wool is a fibre with a true green lineage that is both sustainable and biodegradable. The interior is generously lined with organic cotton and attractively edged with jute. The Swaledale ashes casket is designed to compliment the coffin.

The Chestnut Willow/Wicker coffin

These coffins are supplied with a matching wooden nameplate. The willow used in these coffins are obtained from sustainable sources.

Natural Sea grass or Bamboo

The materials used to make these coffins are not treated in any way and are grown on a sustainable basis. As the materials are entirely natural, the coffins are readily biodegradable.