Funeral Costs

At Jonathan Terry’s we provide every family with a clear breakdown of costs and a fully comprehensive service. The cost of a funeral service is calculated by the addition of the following items:

  1. The Professional Service Charge
  2. The Removal Charge
  3. The Vehicle Charge
  4. The Coffin/Casket
  5. Disbursements
  6. Additional Funeral Service Charges

1) The Professional Service Charge

Our emphasis is placed upon a personal and professional service. This charge represents our administration throughout the funeral and includes:

  • Our personal 24 hour service.
  • The personal attention of our qualified staff and funeral director to arrange and discuss the planning of the funeral arrangements.
  • All arrangements and confirmations with clergy, cemetery, crematorium and all necessary documentation relating to the funeral service.
  • Advice with regards to registration.
  • Liaising with the Coroner when necessary.
  • Complete use of our facilities.
  • Written confirmation of the funeral arrangements and estimate of costings.
  • Dealing with all enquiries relating to the funeral.
  • Care of your loved one and use of our cold room facilities.
  • Visitation at the chapel of rest at any time. (No restrictions. We do, however, kindly ask for an appointment to be made).
  • Hygienic treatment (embalming) of the deceased if required.
  • Insertion of press notices, local or national.
  • Receipt, listing and distribution of charitable donations, when applicable.
  • Receipt and care of floral tributes and to arrangement of floral cards in a presentation folder after the funeral service.
  • Advice with regards to religious protocol, selection of hymns and music.
  • Payment of all fees and disbursements relating to the funeral service. Payment of honoraria and gratuities as required.
  • Dressing of deceased in their own clothes or provision of a dressing shroud.
  • Various flags, portable iphone docking station, wheelchair, as required.
  • Distribution of flowers after the funeral service to a nursing/care home.
  • After the funeral service advice on any matter which might be of concern to include invitation to our bereavement support groups, Christmas Remembrance service and Coffee mornings.
  • *The professional service charge fee will differ for each funeral service we conduct.

2) The Removal Charge

This charge provides for the service of up to two members of staff to move the deceased from the place of death (within a 10 mile radius of our offices) to our premises. The place of death may vary and should there be a distance to travel we will always advise if any extra costs are necessary.

3) The Vehicle Charge

This charge represents the use of our Mercedes or Rolls Royce hearse and limousines for mourners as required. A range of alternative vehicles are available including a traditional horse drawn hearse and carriages, white vehicles, motor cycle hearse and side car, funeral vintage lorry hearse, Daimler DS420 hearse and limousines upon request.

4) The Coffin

Our clients are invited to select a type of coffin from our coffin and casket brochure for either burial or cremation.

5) The Disbursements

Disbursements are items paid on your behalf in order for the funeral service to take place. We shall pay the necessary disbursements for items such as church, cemetery, crematorium, ministers' fees, doctors' fees, press announcements, floral tributes etc. These items will then be itemised separately on the funeral account.
Disbursements are payable before the funeral service takes place.

Southampton Crematorium

  • Adult cremation fee (45 min service time) £715.00
  • Double service time (extra 45 min) £120.00
  • Early morning service (30 min service time) £540.00
  • Times of 9.00am and 9.30am West Chapel £540.00
  • Times of 9.15am and 9.45am East Chapel £540.00
  • Late afternoon time (30 min service time) £540.00
  • Times of 4.00pm West chapel and 4.15pm East Chapel £540.00
  • CD of service £55.00
  • DVD of Service £60.00
  • Webcast £80.00

Wessex Vale Crematorium

  • Adult cremation fee (45 min service inc. organist) £785.00
  • Double service time £100.00
  • Early morning service (30 min service time) £600.00
  • Times of 9.00am and 9.30am £565.00
  • Organist fee for early service £ 25.00
  • CD of service £55.00
  • DVD of Service £65.00
  • Webcast £80.00
  • Visual Tribute - up to 10 photos £55.00. Up to 20 photos £65.00

Clergy/Celebrant fees

  • Clergy/Celebrant fees range from £178.00 plus travel £12.00: £190.00
  • Service in church each Church will charge different fees £TBA
  • Clergy fee for Interment of Ashes £30.00
  • Rt. Rev. Dr. Richard Palmer £190.00
  • Mrs. Margaret Hoadley £200.00
  • Mrs. Sally Randell £180.00 - Burial of Ashes fee £20.00
  • Mr. Matthew Smith £200.00 - Burial of Ashes fee £30.00

Burial fees for Southampton City Council

  • Exclusive right of burial for 30 years £865.00
  • Interment to single depth for one £520.00
  • Interment fee to double depth for two £785.00
  • Interment of cremated remains £220.00
  • Grave selection £50.00
  • Use of cemetery Chapel £80.00
  • An ashes grave purchase fee £430.00 interment fee £220.00 Total £650.00


  • Organist: from £70.00
  • Soloist: from £70.00
  • Highland Piper: from £70.00
  • Bugler: from £70.00
  • Doves release: from £125.00
  • Scatter Urns/Tubes Keepsake/ Small £10.00 Med £25.00 Large £35.00

Other burial grounds and Cemeteries

  • We are able to arrange burials in any other cemeteries and will advise of the cost as requested. We do advise if the deceased is a non resident of a parish or local authority double fees may apply.

Churchyard burial fees

  • Burial in a churchyard following service in church £286.00
  • Burial in a churchyard on a separate occasion £312.00
  • Burial of cremated remains in churchyard £149.00
  • (NB some churchyards will add a digging fee for the grave)
  • Gravediggers fees (Additional fees may apply for grave shuttering)
  • To dig a full adult grave double depth £400.00
  • To dig a full adult grave single depth £350.00
  • To prepare an ashes grave £60.00

Memorial Masons charges

  • To remove and refix a headstone £400.00
  • To remove and refix a headstone and kerbset £700.00
  • To remove and refix a cremation memorial 1’10’ x 1’10’’ £280.00
  • To remove and refix a cremation tablet up to 18’’x12’’ £56.00

Doctor’s fees

  • Doctors fees for completion of cremation certificates £164.00

6) Additional Funeral Service Charges

This charge represents the funeral directors charges outside the normal services.

The provision of an ashes casket for cremated remains £85.00

Arranging and attending the interment of ashes £60.00

Preparation of cremation grave £60.00

Reception into church before a funeral service with a hearse, four bearers and funeral director Monday to Friday

8.00am to 5.00pm £150.00

At all other times £250.00

To take the deceased home (Charges as above).

Printed orders of service up to 50 copies £ 96.00, up to 100 copies £153.50

The orders of service prices are based upon a 4 side sheet service booklet with one photograph. Inserts and additional colour photos can be placed; a price will be given once the layout is set. You may also view the proof at any time.

Memorial stationery Funeral Mass cards, thank you cards and picture cards £ POA.

Basic Funeral Service

In accordance with our membership of SAIF (the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors) we offer a basic funeral service, to include a local removal of the deceased to our premises in office hours, a basic coffin, a hearse and 4 bearers direct to the place of committal. Day and time of the funeral to be advised by the funeral director with all charges and disbursements paid in advance. £1450.00 + Disbursements fees.


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