Arrangements for the Funeral

The first decision to be taken is whether there is to be a burial or cremation. If no instructions have been given in the will the final decision must remain with the family.

The will of a person not only contains instructions about possessions, property etc. but probably states the persons wishes for the funeral so it is important to locate this as soon as possible.

The following questions have been compiled to help you think about the decisions that you will need to make when arranging a funeral. When we meet with you in person all elements of the funeral arrangements and other options are explained in detail.

  • Is the funeral to be a burial or cremation?
  • Where the funeral service will be held.  Perhaps you would like a service in church or the cemetery chapel, or the full service at the crematorium or graveside.
  • Also when the service will take place. Are there some days you may wish to avoid e.g; someone’s birthday or anniversary? What will be the best time of day? Will some mourners be traveling from a distance and therefore prefer an afternoon?
  • Do you have a preference for any particular minister of religion or officiant to take the funeral service for you?
  • What kind of hearse would you like: Mercedes or a horse drawn hearse? Other funeral vehicles are available (please see our vehicles section).
  • Will you require transport for mourners?
  • Where would you like the cortege to leave from?
  • Where will you be returning to after the funeral?
  • Will you be visiting your loved one in the chapel of rest to pay your last respects?
  • Would you like your loved one to wear their own clothes?
  • Are you welcoming flowers or wish donations in lieu of flowers? We will collect donations on your behalf.
  • Would you like to place a newspaper death announcement?
  • Have you considered a choice of coffin?
  • Do you have any specific music choices you would like played during the service?
  • Would you wish a printed order of service?
  • Will the family or the funeral directors staff carry the coffin?

As an independent business we are committed to being compassionate, understanding and professional and we have come to learn that variations in funeral services can be influenced by religious, cultural and personal preferences.

What one family may consider to be the ideal funeral service is not necessarily acceptable to another family. For this reason we treat each family we serve as unique and will advise you on the many options available to you in making the funeral service personal.

The funeral directors role and duties will include

  • A personal interview to receive instructions.
  • Arranging for the removal of the deceased at any time of the day or night.
  • Liaison and confirmation with Clergy, Church, Cemetery or Crematorium.
  • Arranging for the completion of medical certificates for cremation.
  • Completing and forwarding legal documentation to the appropriate authority.
  • Arranging the purchase and preparation of the grave.
  • Arranging the removal of the memorial (if applicable).
  • Liaison with the Police and Coroner where necessary.
  • Supplying and fitting the coffin or casket.
  • Provision of the hearse and limousines as required.
  • Provision of a horse drawn hearse.
  • Supply of the necessary bearers.
  • Advice on the selection of suitable hymns or music.
  • Arranging for the production of printed service sheets.
  • Arranging, with the crematorium, for the service to be recorded or web cast.
  • Insertion of press announcements and assistance with the wording, if required.
  • Assistance in ordering and receipt and care of floral tributes.
  • Receipt, listing and distribution of charitable donations.
  • Arranging for the dispersal or interment of the ashes.
  • Arranging for catering either at home or elsewhere.
  • Providing transport to the Register Office if required.
  • Payment of honoraria and gratuities as directed.
  • Professional attendance and supervision throughout the funeral.
  • Repatriation both to and from abroad.
  • Arranging pre-paid funeral plans.
  • Arranging for a new memorial or the refurbishment of an existing one.